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Telcom Group

Telcom is an international group consisting of 6 subsidiary companies and 2 affiliates. The organisation includes about 800 employees in diversified activities in support of the core business of transforming thermoplastic material.

The Telcom group in the world:

Subsidiary companies:

  • TelcomEST transformation of plastic materials - Vladimirescu - Arad , Romania
  • Telcom Albania Sh.P.K. transformation of plastic materials - Tirana, Albania
  • AB Flowers Telcom product trading - Zaragoza, Spain

The Telcom group in Italy:

Subsidiary companies:

  • Telcom SpA transformation of plastic materials - Ostuni (BR)
  • Telcom SpA transformation of plastic materials - Villafranca Tirrena (ME)
  • MCM Srl industrial plants - Brindisi


  • Consorzio CETMA scientific research - Brindisi
  • SUNBASKET containers for transporting hazardous chemical products - Sorbolo (PR)
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