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Social responsibility

Environmental policies

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Telcom, as stated in the logo ("Technologies for man"), attributes its success to the continual efforts made to improve the quality of production while respecting the environment and human values.

Telcom quality is certified for product characteristics (ISO 9001) and respect for the environment (ISO 14001).

Telcom is fully committed to:

  • Supplying products and services that consistently meet clients' requests.
  • Reducing production scrap and returns from clients.
  • Reducing emissions, discharges, and waste.
  • Optimising production capacity of their plants.
  • Assessing the environmental aspects of their products and production activities and adopting procedures that guarantee plants and processes that can contribute to sustainable development
  • Increasing professional competence and involvement on all levels.
  • Reinforcing our commitment to continually reduce and prevent pollution.

Telcom supports and promotes this policy on all corporate levels, and to this view has instituted the figure of the Integrated Quality Manager to manage, coordinate, and monitor the Integrated System.

For further information on Telcom SpA Environmental Policies, visit the News page or contact our External Relations Office.

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