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The Telcom model

Our fundamental values of honesty, transparency and respect for individuals guide each of the decisions we make in interpreting and managing our business. General principles of conduct can be found in the Telcom Company Code of Ethics. These describe the conduct that the organisation expects of its personnel.

The principles emphasise our commitment to sustainable development and human rights and call upon us to operate in a univocal manner, in full conformity with the standards shared by all levels of our organisation.

Complying fully with Telcom values is part of a business culture that drives us to effectively interpret and act according to the established guidelines. For us these are an extremely important benchmark, in that they enable us to use a common approach in dealing with risks and grasping the opportunities that the market offers, and to interact with the community towards sustainable development, fully in keeping with our mission and our vision. Each gesture and every decision made within this framework adds value to our actions and reinforces our leadership position.

For this reason, the diffusion of our code of conduct, or our mission and vision to the corporate population and to our partners is part of a series of initiatives finalised at the continual improvement and constant reinforcement of the set of values that make us who we are.

Telcom has elaborated a Code of Corporate Ethical Principles and strives to share it with all employees, so that the activities are carried out according to the guidelines therein.

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