We are constantly committed to seeking solutions aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and, in full respect for community legislation, we have adopted a policy aimed at making a concrete contribution to the improvement of the environment that would be capable of guaranteeing society a brighter and more prosperous future, for the sake of future generations. We strive to act with total respect for our surroundings and are constantly committed to spreading a culture oriented towards a responsible approach towards the community.

For a company that manufactures polyethylene and polypropylene products, the decision to safeguard the environment by pursuing a sustainable development model becomes indispensable and, above all, coherent with the Values of Quality, a fundamental driving force for managing our business.

In 1999 we attained the ISO 9002 certification, in 2002 the ISO 14001 Certification, and 2003 the extension to ISO 9001 for the Ostuni (Br) plant. With a view to expanding the project, in 2004 we extended the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certifications to the site in Villafranca Tirrena (Me).

In 2005, for both production sites, we obtained the upgrading to the new ISO 14001. In 2006 we obtained the SA 8000 certification for both production sites. Our areas of focus are: conversion of refrigeration systems for the use of a non-harmful gas for the ozone layer, collection and disposal of sludge present in cooling circuits and incombustible beds for moulding furnaces, control of burner combustion in moulding furnaces, updates of the environmental impact evaluation.

Waste management

Our company mainly produces: Empty printer toner cartridges, absorbent filtering materials, rags, protective clothing and machine shop cleaning residues, contaminated cutting fluids and hydraulic oils, polyethylene particles, plastic packaging and iron scraps, fired earthenware (shards of clay pots).

In conformity with current legislation, we are acting to efficiently manage the disposal of waste finalised at the recovery of special, non-hazardous waste. To this view we have adopted some measures to increase employee awareness of these decisions and thereby contribute to the positive results of the programme: optimisation of printing processes, use of documentation in digital formats.

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