Ethical principles

The Global Compact Programme of the United Nations

We carry out our business with integrity, honesty, and respect for the interests of our shareholders in a wide-ranging social, political, and economic context. Telcom follows the ten principles of the international Global Compact initiative of the United Nations on human rights, worker rights, and environmental protection, by giving our endorsement.

Telcom participates in Global Compact to guarantee the company benefits associated with socially responsible conduct, like improved relations with personnel and therefore increased productivity with a view to attaining the opportunity to be active players on the international panorama and in the debate on solutions to the contemporary issues of globalisation and corporate responsibility.

Human resources

Our mission is to become a recognised leader, providing our clients an excellent product. All this can be accomplished by continually reinforcing our extraordinary team of motivated individuals. We hire competent, capable, and enthusiastic individuals. We provide our employees with the training and opportunities necessary to maximise their potential and their personal contribution to the business. We work to create equal opportunities for all our employees, without discrimination on the basis of sex, race, religion, marital status, or age.

Conflicts of interest

Our employees should not enjoy personal benefits for themselves or their family members, taking advantage of their position in Telcom, nor should they pursue personal or financial actions or interests that may be in conflict with the commitments inherent to their position and their role. Employees are obliged to notify Telcom management of any relationship or transaction that may give rise to a conflict of interest and, upon request, receive adequate assistance. Moreover, employees are obliged not to make use of Telcom assets to obtain personal profit or compete with the company.


Telcom conforms to all applicable international and national safety regulations. The entire organisation uses safety policies that systematically identify and eliminate risks. Safety and control group representatives are present in all our plants. We strive to adopt optimal procedures that, under ideal conditions, may even exceed the requirements imposed by safety legislation; we also constantly monitor our performance in this area, which is so important for our business.

Sustainable development

Our everyday activities have an impact on the community, so we support policies and procedures that promote sustainable development. We are an organisation that believes strongly in protecting the environment and we are aware of the fact that our pro-active stand towards the environment will be a decisive factor in the globalisation of the economy.

Environmental protection

We set high goals for ourselves in striving to reduce our carbon footprint. Where conditions allow, we go beyond existing economic and regulatory standards established by national and regional government bodies to minimise any potential negative impact our activities may have on the environment.

Public activities

Telcom does not support political parties nor does it contribute financing to groups that promote political interests. Telcom requires that its plants and offices react positively and transparently to requests made by governments and other public bodies for information, observations, or opinions concerning our activities and the community. Any response to such request will take place with the utmost respect for the privacy of the individuals and employees.

Product warranties

We strive to provide our clients with an excellent product in terms of value and quality. We work actively to reach the best performance in our business and to become a leader among the companies to create added value in the plastics manufacturing sector.

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